Oregon Society of Clinical Hypnosis: BIPOC Training Scholarship

We believe everyone should have a fair opportunity to train in and provide clinical hypnosis. Representation matters!  To support BIPOC clinicians training in this valuable therapeutic approach, the Oregon Society of Clinical Hypnosis (OSCH) offers a scholarship to support BIPOC clinicians and graduate students to attend hypnosis training.

Full scholarships will be made available every year for our annual 20-hour Level I Fundamentals in Hypnosis Training, and our annual 20-hour Level II training (which can be attended once Level I is completed). These trainings provide the essentials for practicing clinical hypnosis. They conform to the training standards established by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH).

A one-year membership to OSCH will also be awarded to scholarship recipients.

In case of inadequate enrollment numbers for a training to proceed, a scholarship recipient can roll their scholarship over to the next planned course of the same type.

Who can Apply?

Any BIPOC licensed health care or mental health care professional, or current resident, intern, or graduate student in a health care program, is invited to apply for the scholarship. Should an applicant not win a scholarship, they are still welcome to attend at the early bird price indicated for the training.

How to Apply?

Write a brief statement (e.g. 1-2 paragraphs) about why you are interested to train in hypnosis. Email your essay to info@oregonhypnosis.org with your name, contact information, health care profession/credentials, and proof of enrollment if you are a current graduate student. We will contact you to confirm receipt of your application.

Criteria and Selection Procedure:

  • Applicants must be a member of the BIPOC community.
  • Priority will be offered to students.
  • Applicants who applied for a previous training and missed out will be given priority.
  • Where there are several scholarship applicants of comparable eligibility the recipient(s) will be chosen by randomized lot.
  • Applications must be received by the end of day 30 days prior to a given training.
  • Successful applicants will typically be notified 21 days prior to a given training.
  • The Annual Level 1 and Level 2 courses are typically offered during the first quarter of the calendar year.

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