ASCH e-Learning Center

In addition to the local educational opportunities OSCH offers, the ASCH e- Learning Center is a convenient way to build upon your clinical hypnosis education.  The e-learning Center is designed to facilitate the continuing education of licensed health care professionals, students, interns, and residents.  You do not need to be an ASCH member to use the e-Learning Center. 

What the e-Learning Center offers

The e-Learning Center has a variety of on demand educational offerings approved by a variety of health care accrediting bodies such as the APA, NASW, AGD and ACCME.  There are also educational offerings that are “no” CE credit.  All educational offerings qualify for ASCH approved credits.  The cost for educational sessions varies.  

For additional information on the on demand educational offerings in the e-Learning Center for continuing education credit approved by an accrediting body please review the introduction page for the e-learning center. Click here for ASCH certified, non CE courses, to review the list of offering. 

HYPNOSIS LISTSERV: Additional learning support on the topic of clinical hypnosis is available on the hypnosis listserv. 

For full information and to subscribe to the list follow this link:


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