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Hypnosis in Action

There are many applications for clinical hypnosis.  A common question we hear is: Does hypnosis really work?  Our answer is absolutely.    That may or may not be very convincing.   We can provide a variety of references and research articles to provide information on the efficacy of clinical hypnosis.   We are happy to do so if that is what is beneficial to you.  One of the best ways to understand the full power and clinical efficacy of hypnosis is to see it in action.  

Take a moment and watch hypnosis in action with these educational videos that demonstrate the use of hypnosis and provide findings on it's efficacy. 

First take a look at surgery with hypnosis as the sole anesthesia.  Amazing isn't it!  

Find out more about hypnosis and it's applications. Watch this Hypnotherapy Introduction Video  to learn about Hypnosis, an evidence based therapeutic modality,  for health and healing. 

A common request we receive is addressing pain with hypnosis.  Mark P. Jensen is a leader in the field in addressing chronic pain.  Here is a presentation from him on Hypnotic Analgesia: research findings 

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