OSCH Hypnosis Training Partnerships

OSCH Reciprocity Agreements: 

OSCH is creating reciprocity agreements with other ASCH component societies to allow members increased opportunity for educational programs.  The reciprocity agreement allows members of OSCH to participate in identified training and educational offerings at the member rate.  By joint agreement OSCH will allow member rates at our events to members of the components who reciprocate.  

Current Virtual Offerings in 2021

Greater Philadelphia Society of Clinical Hypnosis Events

  • SUN JAN 17,     The Rhythmic Finger Focus Hypnotic Technique:

     Multilevel Application of Ericksonian Utilization. Time: 7am - 9 am PST (10AM-Noon, EST)                   Presenter: Jeffrey B. Feldman, PhD 

  • SUN MAR 21   Hypnosis for Panic Disorder .    Time: 7 am- 9 am PST                 Presenter:  David B. Reid, PsyD, FASCH
  • SUN MAY 16    Hypnosis & Gastrointestinal Disorders, 6am-9am (9am-noon EST)   Presenter: Mark Weisberg, PhD, ABPP    

For Registration and additional information: http://www.gpsch.org/events

Clinical Conversation Series: "Six Core Competencies of Ericksonian Therapy".   Offered by the Clinical Hypnosis Society of New Jersey.  The program series will begin with viewing one of the Core Competencies interviews by Dr. Short followed by interactive dialogue.  Additional information and Registration: http://www.clinicalhypnosisnj.org  Each Clinical Conversation has been approved for 2 ASCH CEs.  This program is free for  members of ASCH, SCEH, CHSNJ and members of other ASCH component sections.  There is a $15 fee for non-members.
Most clinical conversations are from 8 am - 10 am pacific time (11 am-1pm EST, some from 10am-noon) on the following dates:
    • Saturday January 9, 2021 Competency I: Tailoring- "A readiness to individualize treatment". Focus: tailoring treatment to the individual using observation and flexibility with immediate knowledge of the client to guide intervention
    • Sunday February 21, 2021 Competency II: Check the New Jersey website for potential time changes.  Utilization- "A readiness to utilize intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics as well as situation factors."  Utilization is a strategy that allows the practitioner to become "response ready" and is considered to be one of Erickson's greatest contribution to psychotherapy.
    • Sunday March 21, 2021 Competency III: Strategic- "A readiness to create a self-organized problem-solving context".  The program will focus on the concept of "self-agency". 
    • Saturday April 10, 2021 Competency IV: Destabilization- "A readiness to disrupt stable psychological patterns to encourage flexibility and learning".  This program explains the idea that any system that is too rigid is characterized by repetitive patterns that inhibit adaptation.  
    • Saturday May 22, 2021, Competency V: Experiential- "A readiness to prioritize open-ended experiential learning".  Learning through experience or learning through reflection on doing. 
    • Sunday June 27, 2021, Competency VI: Naturalistic - "A readiness to create the expectation that change will occur naturally and automatically." Focus is on the idea that during therapy people should be given the freedom to respond in a way that corresponds with natural growth, learning, and healing.


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    Hypnotic Idea Exchange

    The HIE is a collaborative effort of the North Carolina, Northern Virginia, Eastern Society, and New Jersey Component Sections of ASCH.  

    These meetings bring together leading experts and practitioners of hypnosis to exchange ideas on what they are doing in their work. It will offer participants: 1) Powerful insights from a panel of experts – ideas that can be readily applied in their hypnotic work as well as their own lives, 2) A forum to practice new techniques and share creative hypnotic ideas of their own with each other and the panel, and 3) A source of professional community and camaraderie during these unprecedented, uncertain and unfathomable times.

    http://www.nchypnosis.org/hie/   TO REGISTER FOR THE MEETING and additional information and schedule.

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